Bridge Island is the place for playing Bridge on-line for FREE!

The lovers of this wonderful game are able to instantly play with their friends, partners and other players on-line.

Bridge Island gives the benefit of playing duplicate bridge, so your performance is compared to others and everyone have its own rating for MP (Matchpoint) and IMP (International Matchpoint), depending on the scoring of the deals played.

In addition, an individual BI rating is calculated where your performance measure depends on the strength of your opponents and partner. Four world class players’ BI rating will not change if they achieve an average score at a table.

On Bridge Island you can manage your own profile containing the systems you play, so others who are seeking a seat can see a good match of partnership.

Features during play provide claiming, undo, and new deal requests. Players at the table have the possibility to accept or reject those requests.

Marking somebody as your friend gives the chance for checking if it is on-line and you are also able to invite it to play with you as your partner.

On www.bridgeisland.com, you can check your deals played and scored, manage your profile, friends and follow the news about Bridge Island.

Do not miss the enjoyment, even if you just have time for a couple of deals. Bridge Island makes it possible to play whenever, wherever.

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